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Gold bullion is a term used to define gold bars and coins that are mass produced specifically for the investment market. It is a term that is commonly misinterpreted with many people believing that it refers to all coins and bars with others mistaking gold bullion for just bars and ingots. The term comes from the name of the French Minister of Finance who served Louis XIII of France (1610-1643), Claude de Bullion. In general, bullion can only be used to refer to precious metals though some retailers market bullion in base metals such as aluminium, copper and nickel. In the form of bars and coins, gold bullion offers investors a tax efficient way to build a small holding as they are deemed as investment gold by the HMRC and EU (as long as it is manufactured to millesimal finesse of 0.995) and therefore benefit from being VAT free. Some gold coins are also capital gains tax free, including the Gold Britannia. Bullion can be bought as bars or coins. Image via Flickr.
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Anyone who is interested in investing in gold bullion in the UK has two main options- bars or coins. Both have their own benefits and each appeal to investors for different reasons including flexibility and divisibility, value for money and even collectability.
Though most gold coins throughout history have been produced as bullion, the modern standard of production for investment coins means that, though many are legal tender and have a face value, they do not enter circulation. Often minted at the same time as other variations of the same coins such as commemorative and proof coins, gold bullion coins are valued on their intrinsic gold value. This means that you do not have to pay high premiums for rarity, special finish or packaging. And, when you buy gold bullion online with Physical Gold, we offer discounts on larger volumes. You can buy gold bullion coins in various fractional denominations, but the general rule of thumb is you’ll pay increasingly more as the denomination reduces. Most investors look to buy gold bullion that offers both value for money and flexibility for future divisibility. Our best-selling gold bullion online are our range of Sovereign coins. With full gold sovereigns being one of the world’s most recognised bullion coins they are easier to trade and have a cross-appeal to both investment and collector’s markets. Older sovereign coins that also have historical value, including coins that pre-date 1933 and encompass the head of monarchs like Edward VII & VIII, George V & VI, Queen Victoria and early Elizabeth, are semi-numismatic gold bullion coins. Sovereigns have been used as gold bullion coins dating back many hundreds of years. Image via Wikimedia. It is possible to buy gold bullion UK, semi-numismatic coins at a lower cost than their modern equivalents due to the fact that their condition is often inferior. Though they may have an inherent historical value, unless they are rare or collectible, they can be a good way to create a mix across your portfolio and spread the risk of exposure to the volatility of any changes in market conditions. Physical Gold offers a range of ways to buy gold bullion online including those coins that offer a collectible or historic value in addition to their inherent gold value. Tax free gold bullion options vary from the Gold Britannia which is exempt from Capital Gains Tax to the range of sovereign coins. We can even supply overseas bullion coins such as the Chinese Panda or American Eagle, or the popular 1 oz Maple Leaf.  And, when you buy gold bullion online with Physical Gold, we can deliver direct to your door or, for sizeable investments, arrange secure storage in our partner managed high-commodity vaults.
Produced by Swiss manufacture, Metalor, our gold bullion bars are available in a variety of denominations and are supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Printed with a serial number for additional security, these high-quality bars are made to a millesimal finesse of 0.999. Our range starts at the 5g credit card sized gold bar and ranges up to the 1kg bar. For bars between 5g and 100g, the packaging is sealed with a tamper proof design to maintain your gold in pristine, mint condition. With secure provenance, these gold bars are easy to trade and offer buyer confidence with their enhanced security and authentication features. Investors looking to buy gold bullion in this form often purchase a mix of sizes to provide some degree of flexibility to their investment. Bullion bars are often a long term investment and can be used to create a base for your gold holding which can include a mix of other precious metals in both bar and coin form. When you buy gold bullion in the UK from Physical Gold we can arrange delivery direct to your door or store your investment in our offshore, high-security vaults. When using our high-commodity storage, you will receive a legal storage agreement to verify your ownership and to confirm that your gold is safely segregated and allocated to you.

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